CopyAI Review: How Valuable Is CopyAI Content? is the only affordable all-in-one AI writing tool you’ll ever need.

I’ve tested the top writing AI programs for two weeks as a professional editor.

I believe that is best suited for small enterprises or independent contractors on a tight budget because it can produce both short- and long-form material.

Let’s take a quick tour through the program and see the results.

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Copy AI: What Is It?

Paul Yacoubian and Chris Lu founded this tough little firm in 2020. As of August 2022, the company’s customer base had increased to over 2,000,000 members, and in just two years, it went from having just 3 staff to having over 30. Microsoft and eBay are a couple of their more significant clientele.

They have been working on producing content marketing text that is human-like by combining their own set of machine learning models and GTP-3.

Who Uses Copy AI, exactly?

In terms of the types of material that can be created and the types of users it can serve, is one of the more adaptable AI writing alternatives. You have the choice of producing long- or short-form material. For everything from Facebook advertising to cover letters, provides templates. Students may also use it to develop essay outlines. trails Content at Scale in my own testing of all the AI writers.

Copy AI Review


Here are some advantages of

In general, people on a budget who require both long- and short-form material would benefit from using The ability to use Tab to generate additional information and the variety of output possibilities are two of’s best features, in my opinion.

  • Content creation is simple
  • Content quality
  • A variety of output options are available
  • A selection of templates.


This is the only aspect of that I didn’t like.

  • A possibility to fully customize like Writesonic for plans under 40,000 words.

Overview of

How Does Function?

I created a fictitious website named Club Pup to test’s email and article-writing capabilities in order to show you exactly what you can accomplish with it. In order for you to compare each AI to the others, I actually use the same simulation for all of my AI reviews. 

My video tour demonstrates how simple is to use. When you log in, you’ll arrive in a place called Projects, which is your “home page” or “dashboard”. The Projects area is where your files and documents are kept. This style makes it really simple to keep your team organized, which is a benefit that not all AI tools have.

Whether you’re writing a blog post or a brief advertisement, you can store your document right here in the Projects section and return to it later to change it. It’s not necessary to attempt to copy it into a word processor in order to preserve it.

I had to spend some time getting used to the editor, but once I did, the user interface was intuitive. At first glance, the text editing portion seems like Google Docs.

After a few failed attempts, I discovered that by simply using the Tab button, I could easily paste my previously created outline into the editor, change the headings, and the text would begin to generate. It really is that easy. In addition to generating text when I pressed the Tab key, it also provided me with a number of output possibilities. and Editing’s content is some of the best I’ve seen from AI, second only to Content at Scale. I received a great surprise. I wouldn’t have to make many changes, not even in the Welcome Email. Finding paragraphs that were effective for me was made easier by having a variety of possibilities to choose from, which also, incidentally, would speed up editing. The output from should be reviewed by an internal editor, as with any AI writing tool.

Even my English major brain realized that some of the mathematical calculations provided me with while testing another project were incorrect. The rest of the writing was excellent, but struggles with math (a common issue with English majors). So, kindly have your editorial staff review the final product. Don’t post a piece without editing it first.

Copy AI Cost

The pricing schemes for are rather straightforward. They provide a free plan that is perpetually free, allowing you to utilize up to 2,000 words every month without providing a credit card. This should demonstrate their level of assurance that you will upgrade.

The Pro plan comes next, with prices that start at $36 per month for 40,000 words and go up based on how many words you want to use each month. Regardless of the number of words you select, you get all the same fantastic benefits.

Last Words on

The AI writing tools I tested, including, came in a solid second overall. Small business entrepreneurs on a tight budget would appreciate this place very much.

With the free plan, there’s no excuse not to try this one out for yourself and see if it could make your writing process more efficient.

To learn how to get the most out of your AI writer, be sure to read my article on Tips & Tricks.


Is the text on Copy AI edited?

The text on is not modified. You’ll need to employ your own in-house editors to bring it up to your standards.

Copy AI is it free?

The basic version of CopyAI, which includes all tools in the CopyAI suite, all newly released features, customer support, and the CopyAI community, is indeed free.

What kind of material is produced by

Both brief and lengthy text can be produced with

Is there a free trial for

Yes, offers plans beyond the free one. It offers a free plan with no time limit, so each month you might get 2,000 words for nothing.


If CopyAI doesn’t work for you, you can check out other services. For example, read our Jasper AI Review.

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