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You can generate blog posts (and pretty much anything else) with this leading artificial intelligence tool for copywriting for a small fraction of the cost or time normally required. The program is referred to on its home page as “your AI writing assistant [that] makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media posts, landing pages, web pages, and more.” It is mostly used for marketing copy, which includes blog entries.

Fact-checking and content accuracy monitoring are essential for any AI content creators. Jasper AI, however, can create surprisingly effective copy because to its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities (see Jasper AI vs Copy AI). But in our Jasper AI review, we found that, particularly when compared to other AI copywriting solutions, the result is rather potent when broken down paragraph by paragraph.

So, we made the decision to do a thorough Jasper evaluation to test it.

Let’s test the efficacy of the AI copywriting technology. Is the content still worthwhile in a post-ChatGPT world? Can AI produce content for blogs that is similar to what a human author would produce? Let’s investigate.


Ease of Use – 9.8
Quality of Output – 9.2
Customer Service – 8.8
Price – 9.5
Summary – 9.3

Writers can work more quickly and create the highest-quality content for a number of use cases with the help of Jasper AI. Despite the fact that a human editor is still required, this is a great tool to use to increase the output speed.


– A talented AI author overcomes writer’s block
– Simple to use
– Battle mode
– SEO integration for surfers
– Quickly produces human quality for numerous uses.


– Has to be checked for plagiarism just in case.
– If possible, utilize with strict human supervision


Jasper.ai was established in 2020 and has 8 workers, the majority of whom are based in Austin, Texas, according to Linkedin.

Traction is looking fairly excellent for a fledgling startup. For their AI copywriting tool, the Jasper team covertly raised $6 million in venture capital from a small number of investors, including Foundation Capital and Hack.vc. Jarvis was the original name of the software, but the company changed it after Disney threatened legal action for equating Jarvis with Tony Stark’s AI assistant from the Marvel movie Iron Man.


The best content creators for Jasper.ai consistently create lengthy blog entries, social media updates, ad text, and other marketing copy.

The flexibility to design your own recipes and templates is one of my favorite Jasper.ai features.

They have generic templates you may use if you merely need to produce material quickly, or you can design your own repetitive “recipe” to use repeatedly to generate AI content.

In fact, by utilizing Jasper’s templates and recipes, a lengthy blog post may be generated almost entirely by AI.

The Jasper AI app is largely focused on a few distinct services:

  1. Produce blog posts and meta descriptions that are interesting, keyword-rich, and unique in order to create blog entries that can be found through SEO.
  2. Finish the first draft 2–5 times more quickly. – By having Jasper write 80% of the text and humans edit the remaining 20%, you may hasten the production of new content.
  3. Improve ad wording to increase conversions – To increase sales and boost ROAS, it is simple to create and test additional Facebook or Google Ads variations.
  4. Write social media updates, Facebook group posts, comments, and other things quickly.
  5. Overcome writer’s block while creating material and use inspiration from a robot – You’re stuck looking at a white page. Sit back and let Jasper draft some original copy for you.

Jasper seems to be gaining traction in comparison to all the other tools available (see Jasper vs. Rytr, another well-liked AI tool). A lot of new features that aid in speeding up content creation are being released.

There is a lot going on, and the Jasper team is genuinely committed to expanding the material.AI can be used to write lengthy form material as well as Facebook or Google adverts, as well as scripts for YouTube videos and other purposes.

Additionally, they provide Jasper art, an AI image creator.

This broadens the use-cases even more and makes sure that the tool’s limitations are up to your creativity.


Unlike many AI programs, there isn’t much of a learning curve, and getting started is really easy.

Jasper AI can scale for enterprises and includes an unlimited number of project folders. Furthermore, their monthly fee of $29, or $24 if paid annually, is affordable.

They also feature a huge number of fantastic tutorials that will show you how to create every type of copy you’ll need for the Jasper AI bootcamp. You can ask the Jasper AI support staff any queries you may have while utilizing the platform.

Here are some usage guidelines for some of the Jasper AI tool’s features as well as a look inside.

Their “Explain It To a Child” template was the first feature I tried.

It was my intention to have a fairly complex academic essay explain its meaning to me in 8th grader terms. I merely started with a simple template.

The material for “Memorandum on Design Oriented Information Systems Research” was lifted from a scholarly journal. The initial context was tedious and challenging to read.


The outcomes weren’t too horrible. Still challenging to read, but a huge improvement.

The main problem is that you can only enter 600 characters to be redone as an 8th grader. You can only write one or two paragraphs at once because of this. But it’s clear why it’s regarded as one of the top ai essay writers in existence.

The next feature I tested out was “Creating a full long-form blog post with a long-form helper.”

You have the choice of starting from scratch with the Jasper commands or using a guide that will walk you through creating a post from beginning to end.

I decided to make my first use of the manual.

The following questions guide you through establishing a title, keywords, and your first blog post’s introduction text. It offers advice on how to make this simple.

The titles and introduction paragraph recommendations at first really intrigued me.

Let’s go to the blog posts now. Thoughts of “Boss Mode” producing excellent AI copywriting and creating AI material on its own crossed my mind as I went through the blog post outline template, but like any AI authors, it requires some effort.

I could see how Jasper could greatly speed up your content development efforts after taking the time to familiarize myself with the instructions. Jasper only needs your guidance in order to fulfill your request. It’s not a one-click fix, not even with Boss Mode. However, Boss Mode is unquestionably quicker and less expensive than hiring a team of writers.


To generate content that looks more natural, machine learning algorithms have undergone extensive improvement. Technologies for artificial intelligence copywriting have considerably advanced recently, albeit they are still far from flawless.

Grammarly does a great job of exposing specific grammar mistakes in your writing for further scrutiny.

To keep up with some of our other AI testing, I wrote about 300 words and ran them via Grammarly. The material scored 87, which is approximately average when compared to the results of our other tests.

Although Grammarly isn’t the best indicator of content quality, if you are familiar with the tool, you will be aware that this typically indicates that the text is acceptable. In order to reflect your voice or adhere to your preferred writing style, it might only need a few minor changes.


Utilizing one of these programs typically involves employing plagiarism checkers.

Grammarly discovered 20% plagiarism in the AI-generated copy produced by Jasper ai.

If you’re used to scanning larger blog entries for plagiarism, this looks a little high. These often have a 1–2% plagiarism rate, which is typically from completely unrelated stuff, in my experience.


Jasper AI is priced at several levels. The Starter plan is $24 per month as opposed to $39 per month when paying annually. And their Pro plan costs just $99 a month, which is incredibly affordable when compared to hiring several human writers to produce fresh content.

The boss mode package developed by the Jasper AI team is the one that attracts the greatest interest. Your content output is boosted by boss mode, typically with good results.

While the entry-level Jasper AI software package costs $39 per month. If you want to publish longer content, such comprehensive blog pieces, you must select the $99/month Jasper Boss Mode subscription. 


If Jasper doesn’t work for you, you can check out other services. For example, read our Quillbot Review.

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