Smodin Review – Is It Really A Good Service? 

Since ChatGPT’s debut, the use of AI-powered writing and editing tools has significantly increased. These programs are used for anything from article production to copy editing, question answering, and even plagiarism detection, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you’ve run into a ton of them recently. 

Smodin stands out as a one-stop shop for all of your needs for AI tools in the midst of all of this. But whether it lives up to the expectations is the key question. Is it deserving of your time and attention, or is it only another tool in the vast field of AI? Let’s investigate.

Smodin: What Is It?

In a word, Smodin is a collection of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that uses NLP to provide various article creation services. It’s a one-stop shop with a variety of tools to help you with your writing, editing, and content creation requirements.

The Rewriter is one of the primary tools on It takes your input and generates stuff that is both grammatically correct and free of plagiarism, which is effectively simply a rewriting of the input.

In addition, the Author tool has the ability to create content that begins with a title. After that, it creates an outline and a polished essay or article.

Other tools are also available on Smodin, including a plagiarism checker, a summarizer, and a multilingual translation. And that’s not all; also offers a wide variety of additional tools, each of which is designed to address a different aspect of content creation.

Just How Does Smodin Operate?


Utilizing Rewriter is really simple. Select the Rewriter option under the “Tools” tab on Smodin. From there, you can paste and copy the text you want to change directly into the input field or upload a.docx,.doc, or.pdf file from your computer.

You are given 1000 characters to experiment with on the free plan. With the premium subscription, you can increase the word count limit to 6000.

You can examine the material for plagiarism and strengthen the rewrite using the settings in the lower-right corner of the screen. 


The process for employing the Author is a little bit complicated. You’ll be asked to submit a title at the outset.

After you enter the title, it will propose similar titles, allowing you to select the one you think is best.

The points on which the articles will be based will then be outlined. Again, modifying will enable you to add your perspective to the outline.

Finally, after clicking the “Write” button, your article is ready. But bear in mind that the free plan will only provide you access to a subset of it.


Smodin not only provides a variety of online tools but also a variety of price plans to meet various needs. 

  • This is Smodin’s free beginning plan, which is a constrained introduction to their products and gives users 3 credits per day, 5 constrained entries to the rewriter, plagiarism checker, and translator (all of which have a 1000-word word limit), among other restrictions.
  • The most popular subscription-based package offered by Smodin is called Essentials, which grants access to all the capabilities the company provides, including unlimited rewrites, unlimited plagiarism checks, unlimited translations into several languages, access to author tools, and much more. Smodin costs $10 per month on an annual basis and comes with 100 credits, or roughly 15,000 words, for your account. 
  • The most affordable option is Productive, which costs $29 per month. Along with Google Scholar Search, which enables users to use Google Scholar to check for plagiarism, this also covers everything that was discussed in the Essentials section. 

Pros and Cons of

Here is how performs throughout many categories.

Different Tools

The variety of AI technologies that Smodin provides under one roof astounds me. It’s a single toolkit for all of your content needs, including text production, plagiarism checks, and more.


Both the Author and Rewriter tools produce grammatically correct writing. I value the attention to detail in this area because it gives the text a more polished and professional appearance.


A text can be effectively rewritten using the Rewriter tool to create unique material. I’m sad that it doesn’t always produce more original and diverse language, though.


The framework produced by the Author tool is simplistic and not usually accurate, and the Author tool does not always produce titles that are pertinent.

Performance performs about as well as traditional tools on the whole, which is average.


Smodin is a great AI helper and content generator in our perspective for generating essays, marketing content, and other types of content. It still has a wide range of use cases despite having a relatively restricted free plan. The premium Essentials plan, which offers a larger selection of tools and features, is also quite reasonable. 

However, Jenni is your best bet if you’re looking for an all-purpose AI writing assistant tool because it excels at article creation, copywriting, search engine optimization, and pretty much anything else! Jenni can auto-complete, paraphrase, and more.’s in-text citations for reference are one of its distinguishing characteristics. 

But Jenni, is a fantastic product to try out.AI is too amazing a product to overlook.


Smodin is it free?

A beginning plan with a number of restricted features and credits is available on for free.

What is the price of

Smodin offers a variety of price tiers, including Starter ($0), Essentials ($10), and Productive ($29).

Smodin does it provide refunds?

Unfortunately, as Smodin’s pricing plans require a digital transaction, they do not give returns.

Does Smodin support multiple languages?

Yes, Smodin can rewrite in a hundred other languages.

How do I delete my account on Smodin?

You must contact directly through their Contact Us page if you want to remove your account.

If Smodin doesn’t work for you, you can check out other services. For example, read more reviews on AI Writing Hub.

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